Passive Solar Elbow Room

Sage designed a great room and master suite to accommodate the needs of his own family. Featuring passive solar design, many reclaimed and alternative building materials, and other sustainable innovations.

Jason‘s Den of Iniquity

A new design on a foundation built with Faswall blocks that had been intended for something else.

Casita Del Sol

Not your usual backyard cottage… but a true mother-in-law. Does it match the “Big House’? – No, it contrasts yet compliments; Does it have whimsy? Indeed it does; Does it contribute to the community, the neighborhood, the family and beyond? – Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

Contemporary Cottages

1st Cottage project in Renton Washington. 11 small homes in community on just under one acre. This project got put on ice a decade ago and came back in 2017 with a modern spin. Delightful little first-time-buyer homes. Sage K. Saskill / Project Architect for Living Shelter Architects (2017)

Cargo Container Cottage

Built as a fully functional commercial kitchen. Designed for easy conversion into a Backyard Cottage. Tricky site access made using a container – flown in by crane – a natural choice for solving this design riddle.

Brady Bunch Home

Her 2-story house was fused with his 1-story house to create a home centering on a wonderful kitchen hearth for a combined family. This addition smoothly blends with the existing as well as into the neighborhood.

Farmworker Housing

Sage K. Saskill / Project Architect for Environmental Works Community Design Center (2008)

Seattle Strawbale

Seattle’s 1st permitted Strawbale structure. She wanted a straw bale home since the first time she set foot in one. Beautiful, quiet, solid, grounded & safe are just some of the many words that describe this small bedroom addition on the North end.

Luxury German Prefab

The shell was built in 8 days by skilled German craftsman from the contents of 9 cargo containers.
Project is located on a little slice of heaven on Seattle’s Eastside.
Ultra modern Prefab post beam & glass structure by Huf Haus of Germany.

Molly’s Pocket Mansion

this detached accessory dwelling unit is just under 800 square feet. it’s a great layout for one person or for a couple.

Salmon Bay Community Lending

This is what happens when you take a commercial space designed as a spa and outfit it for a loan office. Existing walls surgically modified and two curved heavy timber & glass walls added.

Orcas Island Fairytale Castle

A beautiful and very well crafted house that looks like it has always been there. Designed for two adults who like to entertain and two kids who share a secret lookout in the cupula – with territorial view.

Euro-Modern Bungalow

a spin on a classic seattle bungalow based on the owner’s dutch perspective.

Cargo Container Chocolate Factory

These clients were inspired by SDNW’s first Cargo Container Kitchen. This project will be a full-blown Chocolate Factory. This design can be easily converted into one for a Backyard Cottage.

Corliss Avenue House

2nd Story Addition to a 1912 bungalow @ Greenlake Seattle. Program includes Master suite, kids bedrooms & bath, roof deck, secret lookout, the whole enchilada.

Garden Sanctuary

Sometimes you just need a place to get away from it all that you can call you own. Pam hired Sage to collaborate & he came up with this tiny little backyard space for reading, yoga, & peace.

Owl Cottage

Garage converted to backyard cottage. An existing non-conforming setback created the opportunity for a fun and functional dwelling with strong outdoor connection and a little loft.

Strawbale Greenhouse

On the site of a premier northwest demonstration facility for sustainable building solutions and farming, this greenhouse features passive solar design, high energy performance with walls of straw bales, and a heavy timber roof.

Contemporary DADU

Designed for a backyard cottage Challenge, Sage took the opportunity to express his own take on modern aesthetics with a mindset of utilizing every square inch of this 800sf dwelling.

Studio Mobius

This project was designed as a demonstration of sustainable materials & methods and also as a center for world peace.