Green Design

Passionate about sustainability?…

S.A.G.E. Designs NW Architecture Studio Incorporated is committed to manifesting your dreams in the world of design at whatever “Green” level you are ready for.

Sage has strived to walk the talk of sustainability for over two decades and continues to spread the word, long before Green (now commonly known as “sustainable design”) was Cool. For over two decades SDNW continues to remain on the cutting edge of savvy design solutions for people and planet.

Architecturally, aesthetically and environmentally we can together create a healthy & peaceful space in balance with your natural surroundings…a place that inspires you to live, love, learn and grow.

Sage is a classically trained architect with the rare ability to deliver design in accordance with your particular aesthetic preferences – be that modern, classic, or somewhere in between. He is also a talented carpenter which gives him a solid understanding of how buildings go together.

SDNW has taken the idea of a backyard commercial kitchen & future cottage and manifest it in a fabulously functional and fun cargo container.

SDNW has been approached to visualize the idea of a space ship crashed into a hillside and create a demonstration center for sustainable ideas, products, and solutions.

Whether you are looking for a project built with alternative materials or something more traditional, SDNW has the creative experience to bring your dreams to reality.